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Medical-Grade Wearables – The Next Level For FitBit

Aside from evolving economies in the form of ride-sharing services and reserving hotel and tourist locations quick as possible, wearable computers could evolve from FitBit, a fitness tracker that had gained fame today, into technically-advanced mechanisms capable of monitoring your complete health as accurate as medical machines.

One company is Empatica. It is currently developing ways to find more than just one detection of a medical condition. They have designed a wristwatch capable of alerting epilepsy patients and caretakers of possible seizure triggers to avert a deadly situation.

According to think-tank Soreon Research, medical wearables companies and its healthcare market can grow from $2 billion last year to about $41 billion in 2020.

Empatica has designed a new product track psychological stress by measuring the skin’s electric signals that regulate the fight or flight response in the body.

Smart Monitor is focused on detecting repetitive shaking to alert the loved ones and caretakers of an epilepsy patient.

Many medical institutions and insurers make use of information from Apple, Google and Samsung products. All three have a database of the increasing troubles of any individual. In addition, machine learning technologies would contribute greatly to discover “unknown signals” from skin conductance.

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The Existing Threads Of Oppression Hidden From Our Eyes

It’s the year 2015. The world had seen monumental technological advancements in the fields of health, medical assistance, business and publishing. Information quickly spreads from one side of the Earth to another.

Despite our technological advancements, the world still remains in control in the hands of a few.

No, I’m not talking about conspiracies. You and I know that knowledge is power and some knowledge is being withheld from us.

Power Structures

We’ve not hailed kings. Through democracy and voting, we’ve hailed different sets of leaders we believe can lead our countries out of the dark. But there is something darker happening.

It is understandable that some answers to certain citizen needs could not be answered immediately by the government. But the government’s representatives itself grants favours to those who are ‘connected’.

You know what I’m talking about.

“Red Tape” Prominence

It’s easy to see everything if you think about how thick the ‘red tape’ truly is and the costs of having a legal representative is in the modern world. Only those with enough funding or backing could have it.

While we had our way with the Internet, crowdfunding and backing new ideas the government wouldn’t approve, they could immediately pull the plug against us and our so called “Freedom of speech”

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Thousands Of UK Breast Cancer Patients Having Unnecessary Surgery For Minor Breast Tumors

Researchers warn that the number of women undergoing surgery for harmless breast tumours is increasing. Debilitating and distressing options do not improve survival chances for patients according to a studio. Patients with this type of illness are likely to die rather than the general population.

The research spearheaded by Canada involved 108,100 women indicated that some medical professionals are “over-enthusiastic” to tell patients to have a surgery. In the UK, some 4,600 women are diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ or DCIS, where milk duct cells turn cancerous.

About 80% of women with confirmed harmless tumours elect to have surgery, opting to have the lump removed or have one or both breasts removed entirely.

American Cancer Society Chief Medical Officer Dr. Otis Brawley said the treatment was excessive.

‘In medicine, we have a tendency to get too enthusiastic about a technique and overuse it,’ he added. ‘This has happened with the treatment of DCIS.’ Scientists at the University of Toronto tracked 108,196 women diagnosed with DCIS for 20 years. Their risk of dying from breast cancer over that period was 3.3 per cent, broadly the same as healthy women.

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Texas Just Swore Off Its Historic Fracking Ban!

Under pressure from lawsuits and state authority over oil and gas, Texas has repealed its fracking ban after seven months. Denton in Texas made big news the previous year when 125,000 of its population had decided to prohibit implanting 280 wells in the majorly-republican state.

It became the first state to openly ban fracking.

However, due to heavy persuasion by the opposition, the Texas Oil and Gas Association, along with actions from the Texas General Land Office and Texas Governor Greg Abbott signing the HB40 which bans Texas’ fracking ban, had rendered the new implementation senseless.

Construction trucks had started to move in to construct fracking facilities as city council members voted 6-1 on repealing the ordinance to reduce legal costs.

The story of Texas shows how capitalism and strong companies could urge local governments to follow their lead and turn a blind eye to the demands of the public.

Activists have not yet abandoned hope despite the decision. According to Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger:

“I think we’re definitely discouraged but not ready to throw in the towel. There is still room to fight within the law … I think it’s just the beginning.”

Denton Drilling Awareness President Adam Briggle said it wasn’t the end of the line for Texas’ fracking ban. He said they are taking the fight Texas-wide.

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There’s 1,000 Abortions in Britain. What Does That Say About Our World?

I don’t believe abortion is wrong. I respect ever human being’s want to have a child at the right time and pace is important. However, what I couldn’t take is the fact that there are plenty of abortions for one avoidable thing.

Abortion is not a moral issue anymore in the modern world. For the sake of practicality, the world actually needs less people. Call me misanthropic or anything, but it actually helps the world cope up with one less person.

In Britain, those who receive “less-than-royalty” birthcare have their children suffering from extreme health troubles.

According to the Independent.co.uk’s article, about 10,000 women suffer from hyperemesis gravidarium. It is an extreme form of nausea and vomiting.

I do believe in the UK, compared to other parts of the world, the healthcare is superior. So why is the UK medical industry failing to provide for the 10,000 women suffering from a highly preventable disease?

Now women are feeling guilty because their environment, their bodies made the choice for them.

I say nay. But what is causing these acute disease must be rooted out. It is as important as cancer, if you’d ask me.

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Everything That Happens In The Internet In One Minute. [Infographic]

An Internet minute is just a single minute in the real world. But because modern computers have powerful processors, it had already created multiple events and results, and had even analysed them, under a minute.

[click to enlarge infographic]

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Yoga Is As Effective For The Health As Walking and Running According T Study

The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology published a study that shows how yoga improves weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and the heart.

While yoga has long been known to help the health and prolong life, a review of 37 studies shows that it is as effective as biking and walking.

According to lead researcher Paula Chu:  “This finding suggests that [people] who are physically limited in some way do not have to ‘pound the pavement’ in order to improve their cardiovascular risk profile.”

Yoga primarily helps people deal with everyday stress, and even body pains.

According to the American Heart Association, stress can lead to increased heart disease risks. High blood pressure and cholesterol levels also increase. It also affects the eating, drinking and smoking habits of people.

The study has studied more than 2,800 people, which drew fire from other researchers as the conclusions may not be as definitive due to the number of yoga variations available.

Yoga is also an athletic activity which involves practice. The more effective the person performs the routines makes the health benefits more evident.


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The Matrix: Philosophically More Than Just an Action Movie

The Matrix trilogy is revered as one of the best films in terms of production, special effects and storyline. However, its underlying themes central to the story plot are highly philosophical. Here is a documentary that puts the entire movie into a philosophical perspective.

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Religion Might Be Absurd for Some, But it Serves a Purpose

Regardless if you are a cynic, agnostic or atheist who does not believe in religion and view it as fairy-tales, you do believe that religion serves a purpose. The introduction of a supreme being that brings balance to an unruly world is a comforting feeling. However, it should not be used to a point where it is restricting and binding. Religion serves a purpose, even in the modern, scientifically-inclined world.

Most people want to find the answers for their reason of being, but they find that philosophical ideas only made them more confused. These philosophical ideas are also binding; a person could follow an ideal man’s path as described by a philosopher. The truth is there is not ideal man, only a person who builds him or herself.

Meanwhile, religion allows people to understand that if philosophy gives them more confusion than answer. Ignorance, or wilful ignorance, helps in avoiding the confusion and relaxing the person. It is teaching that a person’s capability could not uncover all the truths the world and its society had hidden, and allowing a supreme deity or being to perform this task for them.

People might want to think that it is stupid, but blind ignorance is different from chosen ignorance. Blind ignorance is only believing that there is a God or a deity, while chosen ignorance is acknowledging the fact that one is powerless in many events, but has his or her own capabilities that could only do so much, but less than a supreme being can.

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The Paradox of Freedom and the Self

What does it take to become human? Most philosophers describe it as a feeling of freedom, the ability to do whatever you want. Being rich also shares the same philosophy; it is about earning your dues with the best of your abilities while having the time to use that money or ability to the time you allot to it. Time is worth more than gold because nothing could produce time except what is already set in stone.

If humans want to be truly free, they must also break the boundaries of time, in theory. But then, one cannot call one’s self free if something in their environment restricts their growth. Humans have limitations, which they can surpass as they recognise it and need to improve their performance.

The paradox of freedom is that humanity is still chained to his or her problem of existence. Existing in a world where living is a part of life, when comfort is achieved, a person loses his or her vision of priorities. When a human stops functioning for his or own purpose, he or she loses the ability to find him or herself, which in turn, decimates their reason to exist.

The cage of human existence is one that needs to be acknowledged. You may be free, but you are still not free from yourself. Once you fulfil your objective, it should not be the end. Until the end of your life by natural causes, functioning is one of the main factors of becoming a human being.

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