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Everything That Happens In The Internet In One Minute. [Infographic]

An Internet minute is just a single minute in the real world. But because modern computers have powerful processors, it had already created multiple events and results, and had even analysed them, under a minute.

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Yoga Is As Effective For The Health As Walking and Running According T Study

The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology published a study that shows how yoga improves weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and the heart.

While yoga has long been known to help the health and prolong life, a review of 37 studies shows that it is as effective as biking and walking.

According to lead researcher Paula Chu:  “This finding suggests that [people] who are physically limited in some way do not have to ‘pound the pavement’ in order to improve their cardiovascular risk profile.”

Yoga primarily helps people deal with everyday stress, and even body pains.

According to the American Heart Association, stress can lead to increased heart disease risks. High blood pressure and cholesterol levels also increase. It also affects the eating, drinking and smoking habits of people.

The study has studied more than 2,800 people, which drew fire from other researchers as the conclusions may not be as definitive due to the number of yoga variations available.

Yoga is also an athletic activity which involves practice. The more effective the person performs the routines makes the health benefits more evident.


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The Matrix: Philosophically More Than Just an Action Movie

The Matrix trilogy is revered as one of the best films in terms of production, special effects and storyline. However, its underlying themes central to the story plot are highly philosophical. Here is a documentary that puts the entire movie into a philosophical perspective.

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Religion Might Be Absurd for Some, But it Serves a Purpose

Regardless if you are a cynic, agnostic or atheist who does not believe in religion and view it as fairy-tales, you do believe that religion serves a purpose. The introduction of a supreme being that brings balance to an unruly world is a comforting feeling. However, it should not be used to a point where it is restricting and binding. Religion serves a purpose, even in the modern, scientifically-inclined world.

Most people want to find the answers for their reason of being, but they find that philosophical ideas only made them more confused. These philosophical ideas are also binding; a person could follow an ideal man’s path as described by a philosopher. The truth is there is not ideal man, only a person who builds him or herself.

Meanwhile, religion allows people to understand that if philosophy gives them more confusion than answer. Ignorance, or wilful ignorance, helps in avoiding the confusion and relaxing the person. It is teaching that a person’s capability could not uncover all the truths the world and its society had hidden, and allowing a supreme deity or being to perform this task for them.

People might want to think that it is stupid, but blind ignorance is different from chosen ignorance. Blind ignorance is only believing that there is a God or a deity, while chosen ignorance is acknowledging the fact that one is powerless in many events, but has his or her own capabilities that could only do so much, but less than a supreme being can.

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The Paradox of Freedom and the Self

What does it take to become human? Most philosophers describe it as a feeling of freedom, the ability to do whatever you want. Being rich also shares the same philosophy; it is about earning your dues with the best of your abilities while having the time to use that money or ability to the time you allot to it. Time is worth more than gold because nothing could produce time except what is already set in stone.

If humans want to be truly free, they must also break the boundaries of time, in theory. But then, one cannot call one’s self free if something in their environment restricts their growth. Humans have limitations, which they can surpass as they recognise it and need to improve their performance.

The paradox of freedom is that humanity is still chained to his or her problem of existence. Existing in a world where living is a part of life, when comfort is achieved, a person loses his or her vision of priorities. When a human stops functioning for his or own purpose, he or she loses the ability to find him or herself, which in turn, decimates their reason to exist.

The cage of human existence is one that needs to be acknowledged. You may be free, but you are still not free from yourself. Once you fulfil your objective, it should not be the end. Until the end of your life by natural causes, functioning is one of the main factors of becoming a human being.

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The World Works in a System of First-Come, First-Served

Throughout history, the stories from the bible and history books only showed one perspective; that of objective research, but from artefacts created only by those who documented the events on the side of the winners. Some of these accounts could be directly influenced by the winners themselves, and throughout history, human conflict had been present.

It is not so difficult to explain the daily stresses in the life of a normal human being who works in an 8-hour office. Sometimes, the stresses extend to more than the hours they render, and laws cannot completely restrict the working hours due to the economic situation of the world. In more recent history, industry leaders have innovated ways that could help make parts of people’s daily lives uniform, and this has granted them power.

Everyone in the world dreams of a life of luxury, free from stresses, and enjoying the similar lives of people who fought their way from rags-to-riches. But then again, they became rags-to-riches because they were the first to become winners in their own professional aspects. Everybody is trying to innovate and find the next best thing so they can be the first in history to become winners in that niche, and become a name in history.

Becoming a name in history also helps suffer the existential dread of humanity, and it also provides for the survival side of being human. Stress’ history begun from the inhuman treatment of slaves, and today, those who could open invisible doors and make them materialise are the people who could escape the eternal stress of routine work and the burden of dreams.

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When is Enough Truly Enough?

In a previous post, it was mentioned that to truly love someone, it is to accept his or her faults and shortcomings. Acceptance is the key to a true bond between two people. However, sometimes, the faults and shortcomings can reduce or destroy the capability of another person to become who they truly should be. Is this the time when enough is truly enough?

If a spouse’s shortcoming is verbal and physical abuse, and yet the counterpart just accepts the fact that this is their flaw and still continues to love them, will one judge them as wise or a fool? This clearly reduces or destroys the capability of the person not just to behim or herself, but to remain to look at themselves the same way.

Love is a  powerful emotion, but if left unchecked, it could cause dire consequences that could change the life of another person in a positive or negative way. Some of these changes can remain permanent, such as physical or emotional scars from abusive partners. But the fact remains that all parties involved in the relationship have a say to have things remain as they are, or end them for the benefit of each other.

When you look at it, true love is a person being concerned with the growth of the other person, and they would be willing to give up everything, including their own love for the person, just to see them happy.

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The Importance of Rest, and Silence

In the ever-busy and changing world, whether you are in the corporate, freelance or self-employed category, finding time to rest is a luxury, despite being a need. Most people in the fast-paced and competitive business world work more hours than they should in their jobs to help the company thrive. However, the focus on monotonous tasks may leave one to forget some responsibilities they have with themselves.

Rest is a responsibility to one’s self. When you rest, you slip away from the world momentarily, and you live out your subconscious in dreams, whether you dream or not during your sleep. It is a way of saying that you could take a break from reality, and reality is ever-so-definite that it is overwhelming in the same manner.

If you do not take a break from reality, you forget about your subconscious, and with its need unsatisfied, you will begin to question your reality, and your way of thought also becomes obscured because you are tied to your responsibilities for your survival, but not for the things you live for.

You may also be living the opposite life. You have too much free time on your part, but you only use your time unproductively. You may have a stable income with enough time to spend for yourself, but indulging yourself in luxury all the time will leave you no time to discuss with your subconscious.

This is where the importance of rest and silence is very important. When you rest, your mind relaxes. Silence allows you to hear your subconscious and review your life and your experiences during the day and the last few years. You escape reality for a while and feel your soul and your significance in the greater body of the universe.

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PPI Claims Have Yet to Peak According to FSCS

Financial Services Compensation Scheme Chief Executive Mark Neale said that the UK will need a few more years until it sees the last few breaths of mis sold PPI. They project an increase of 2,000 PPI complaints coming into the FSCS this 2014 and that the end of the flurry of complaints is yet to come.

The Financial Ombudsman Service said that the number of payment protection insurance complaints had fallen from over 216,000 the first half of 2013, into 190,000 the second half. However, according to Chief Ombudsman Tony Boorman, the numbers are still high. He said that the UK is also still a ways to go until PPI is finally sorted out.

The FOS still handles 1,000 PPI complaints on a daily basis with 8 out of 10 complaints from different banks in favour of consumers.

UK’s financial sector had set aside a current total of £25 billion for PPI recompense. UK’s big banks account for more than 70% of PPI complaints in the last half of 2013.

PPI is an insurance product designed to repay loans, mortgages and credit cards in case consumers get sick, have an accident or become unemployed. Many consumers were sold the insurance when they did not need it.

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The Ability to Control your Urge to Control

People often find a person rude when he or she takes so much food from a buffet and then leaves it half-full or barely touched. One might say it is a waste of blessings. But in analogy, it is one’s responsibility to finish the plate of food they get, despite the amount, because everything can go to waste.

Irresponsible people waste many things, especially some other person’s time. However, there are people who just want to get the entire buffet for themselves because they have the ability to eat everything on their plate. Most humans are like this; we have this unlimited urge to control other people.

Control is important to retain one’s sense of individuality. If humans have control over the events surrounding them, they grant themselves the ability to live. The more they control, the more they recognize that they are living and thriving.

However, many people want to live their life their own way. Sometimes, this plan involves controlling people consciously or unconsciously to move exactly as they please to obtain their desired results. This urge to control gives them satisfaction.

In the world, this invisible war of control stretches from politics, with politicians, lobbyists and corporations, and to a molecular level where the strong live and the weak fall in the bacterial kingdom. Control, and self-fulfillment, is both a curse and grace of both an intelligent man and a primal creature.

But we humans have the ability to control our urge to control. This is what sets them different from the rest of the living organisms in the world.

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